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Your Safety is our Priority

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Looking for a professional guarding company?

We are here for you.

For your peace of mind, Service Excellence & client Relation, Fireforce Security is the answer.

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Fireforce Security is an accredited security service provider trusted with complete security assessment, planning, solution and management of the security needs of businesses / people with highest level of efficiency.


We pride in honesty, integrity, transparency, professionalism, reliability and consistency.

At Fireforce security, we treat each of our clients as    if no other exists. With our formidable security expertise, our client will be rest assured that each of the areas critical to the  overall  safety  and  security of his/her asset will be well taken care of.


Our services are spread across different business spectrum and regardless of the size of your bussiness, Fireforce Security will proffer a customized service for your security needs.

112083 383 FIREFORCE


 For your emergency security needs, we are a call away

  • Report to control
  • Gather informatio
  • Maintain Safety
  • High visibility
  • Deters crime