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Your Safety is our Priority

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We provide both uniformed and olain clothed security officers. At different business sectors,we utilize suitable experienced personnel and innovative technology to run and manage our security guarding operations for effective service delivery and optimal client satisfaction.


Our security officers are trained in:

  • access control management
  • observation, report and record keeping
  • loss prevention
  • public relation
  • Traffice control
  • crowd control

which are vital for the orderliness and tranquility needed within any business setting.  Our guards maintain exhaustive foot patrol for wherever needed for maximum visibility and deterrence.


We provide both uniformed and plain clothed professional guards whose presence in/around your business provides a great sense of security and reassures our clients peace of mind. 

Mann Guarding

Residential Guarding

Fireforce Security offers a complete access control management which not only give you a peace of mind but add value to your property.

We ensure that the  Body Corporate rules and regulations are enforced to the last letter:


  • Accurate access registration
  • Gather information and reports on our clients behalf;​
  • Control egress and ingress;​
  • Maintain orderliness and tranquility;​
  • Maintain high viability to deter illegal activities;​
  • Effective patrol of the premises;​
  • Devise a post order according to our clients security needs and site requirements.


  • Mann Guarding
  • Event Guarding
  • Body guarding
  • Security Consulting
  • Fence Installation
  • Security Gate
  • CCTV Installation


112083 383 FIREFORCE


 For your emergency security needs, we are a call away


Security Consulting

Mall Guarding

Our starting point towards providing a customized security service to our client is to analyze, inspect and review our client’s security needs, measures, procedures, incidents and existing reports in order to proffer a tailor-made and reliable security solution targeted at your site security requirements.

Our security guards are trained according to site specific requirements therefore, our mall guards are  are constantly in motion:

  • Maintain  foot patrol for maximum visibility and deterence;
  • Lock up and unlock the necessary doors and gates at designated times
  • Check exterior doors, windows, entrances, & automatic gates functionality;
  • Check on late night employees to ensure their safety;
  • Check and ensure that  safety hazards in the property and in order or report whenever necessary.
  • Check and keep away  vagrants & trespassers from the Centre